Carter/Johnson Library & Collection

This is where it all began for us here at STR, and we could not be more excited or more proud to be able to offer the CJLC space in our shop to further fund their mission. The proceeds of any item from these pages go directly to support the CJLC.

The CJLC is a non-profit organization that exists solely for two purposes

  1. To feed Vi Johnsons need for kink, porn, and especially kinky porn 
  2. To rescue, preserve, and most importantly SHARE the history of sex and sexuality of all kinds for all of our alternative communities.

(We are not sure which order those two should be in, exactly, and we suspect it changes depending on her mood, so we went with chronological just to be fair... and funny.)

Be sure to visit the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection website once you have found all the goodies you need!

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